The UnCommon Good with Bo Bonner and Dr. Bud Marr

The UnCommon Good with Bo Bonner and Dr. Bud Marr

A show about the Common Good (which is an uncommon topic--get it?), the Social Teaching of the Church, Servant Leadership, and the Social Reign of Jesus Christ.
Weekly Wednesday at 10:00 am and 11:00 am on Iowa Catholic Radio!

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    At The Hour Of Our Death -- Fr. David Poecking -- 03/07/18

    Fr. David Poecking is the Pastor of St. Elizabeth Anne Seaton Parish in Carnegie, PA. His writings can be found at -- in today's interview, Fr. David and the guys explore the societal and pastoral "burden" of caring for the dead, the way in which the living, dying, and dead form a "common good" more complete than when those groups are considered separately, the width of gravesites in Bo's family, the fact that only Oklahomans get hit by space debris (its a FACT), and more on this episode of the UnCommon Good!

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    What the Past Has Words To Say -- Dr. Matthew Umbarger -- 02/28/18

    Dr. Matthew Umbarger, Assistant Professor of Theology at Newman University and Uncommon Good All-Star, comes on the show to talk about the limits and strengths of Archeological finds and how they help us understand our faith. Also: bullships and Indiana Jones play a bigger role in this episode than you might imagine.

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    Green Thomism, Care for Creation -- Dr. Christopher Thompson -- 02/21/18

    Christopher Thompson is the academic dean at the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity and Catholic Rural Life’s Senior Research Fellow. He is the author of The Joyful Mystery: Field Notes Toward a Green Thomism, and also a contributing author to On Earth as It Is in Heaven, a book exploring ecology through the lens of Catholic theology, a book exploring ecology through the lens of Catholic theology.

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    Covenantal Promises -- Katie Patrizio -- 02/07/18

    UCG All Star Katie Patrizio returns to speak about the promises, obligations, and graces God has promised his people through the Covenants with various Patriarchs, and the ramification for the Christian Social order.

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    A Rerum Novarum Vision -- Dr. Taylor Patrick O'Neill - 01/31/18

    Dr. Taylor Patrick O'Neill, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, IA, stops by the show to talk about Leo XIII's famous encyclical Rerum Novarum, the world it outlines for Catholic understandings of the economy, and more!

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    Detachment Parening - Brandon McGinley - 01/17/18

    Brandon McGinley, UnCommon Good All-Star, comes back on the show to talk about his new article "Detachment Parenting" in the newest issue of "Fare Forward."

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