The UnCommon Good with Bo Bonner and Dr. Bud Marr

The UnCommon Good with Bo Bonner and Dr. Bud Marr

A show about the Common Good (which is an uncommon topic--get it?), the Social Teaching of the Church, Servant Leadership, and the Social Reign of Jesus Christ.
Weekly Wednesday at 10:00 am and 11:00 am on Iowa Catholic Radio!

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    Marriage And The Common Good -- Regis Flaherty -- 07/11/18

    Marriage and the Common Good, An interview with Regis Flaherty, author and General Manager at the Newman Institute for Newman Studies in Pittsburgh, PA. Bud and Regis team up IN Pittsburgh to show Bo and the audience the ropes of marriage. Starting with practical advice, delving into the Sacramental mystery of marriage, and widening out to the societal implications of the Matrimonial union, the talk is hopefully fun, helpful, and challenging all at the same time.

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    Science and Mystery -- Dr. Karen Zwier -- 07/04/18

    An interview with Dr. Karen Zwier, Phd from Pittsburgh University in Philosophy and History of Science, who has served different appointments at Drake and Iowa State Universities. Faith and Science are often seen as opposed, but even when they are "brought into conversation" with one another, the temptation is to claim they both have solid, firm answers, just in different fields or types of inquiry. However, Dr. Zwier challenges this narrative on both accounts, arguing that what unites Faith and Science is actually their mutual reliance on "apophatic" (or "negative") knowledge, or knowing something better by ruling out what it is not. In other words, both fields share in common this: the deeper you go into either, the more you come to appreciate the mystery of both.

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    What Is the UnCommon Good? -- Bo and Bud -- 06/27/18

    Sometimes it is good to revisit the very idea of why we have a show in the first place, and that is what we did today. We of course asked similar things before early in the show, but we are much, MUCH better at this radio thing now! We center on Saints as the Citizens of the City of God and how we should implore them to change the City of Man ever more and more to match their heavenly home.

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    The One Without Bo -- Katie Patrizio Co-Hosting -- 06/20/18

    Katie Patrizio has taken being an UnCommon Good all-star to the next level, by co-hosting the show while Bo is away on vacation! They interview Maury Willls, owner of Wills Family Orchard, and have such a good time, everyone wonders whether Bo should ever come back at all!

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    Carne and Incarnation -- Emily Stimpson Chapman -- 06/06/18

    Carne and Incarnation, an interview with Emily Stimpson Chapman, author of several books and articles regarding the intersection of food and faith, accessible at Look folks, its not hard to get Bo and Bud talking about how much they love food...but Emily engages the topic in such a joyful, profound, and practical level, its hard to imagine a more enjoyable show over a splendid topic! From the glory of cheese, the happiness and delight God takes in creation, to difficult discussions of eating disorders and alcoholism, a show that you won't want to miss.

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    Revelation Read Rightly -- Dr. John Kincaid -- 05/30/18

    Revelation Read Rightly, an interview with Dr. John Kincaid, Senior Fellow of the Principium Institute and Scripture Scholar who also blogs at How do we read Scripture not only IN the Church, but WITH the Church? How is Scripture Revelation and how does other Revelation relate to Scripture? How many of Bo and Bud's friends converted to Catholicism when they were at Duke? Find out this, and more, in this episode of the UnCommon Good!

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    First Forays Into Friendship -- Leah Libresco -- 05/23/18

    First Forays Into Friendship, an interview with Leah Libresco, a writer, speaker, and general Renaissance Woman whose work can be found at We talk about the ideas contained in her forth coming book, "Building the Benedict Option: A Guide to Gathering Two or Three Together in His Name." Particularly, we look into particular, practical, and immediate ways folks who yearn for more community can get started doing so without necessarily having the resources to do something revolutionary. We someone include drinking in parking lots and curling, but once you start the podcast, it will all make sense.

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    Hildebrand and the Everyday Extraordinary -- John Henry Crosby -- 05/16/18

    Hildebrand and the Everyday Extraordinary, an interview with John Henry Crosby, Founder and Director of the Hildebrand Project. John Henry Crosby is a translator, writer, critic, and cultural entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to the legacy of Catholic Philosopher and Intellectual Dietrich von Hildebrand. We explore not only the fascinating story of Hildebrand's life, early and vigorous resistance to the Nazis in his native Germany, and subsequent intellectual life--we also dive into his practical considerations regarding how to be a Catholic in the midst of such trial and difficulty.

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    Fear and Longing For Eternity -- Dr. David Deavel -- 05/09/18

    Fear and Longing For Eternity -- Dr. David Deavel -- 05/09/18. An Interview with Dr. David Deavel, Editor of LOGOS and Assistant Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas. We talk about the concept of Eternity, why it stokes fear for some (both young and old alike!), how understanding Eternity in a new way gives us new perspectives not only on the afterlife, but the her and now, and finally, how education is first and foremost a "preparation for Eternity."

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